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How long can I expect my canopy to last?

There are many factors contributing to the length of time a Caravan Canopy will last. Some of these factors include how often it is used, under what conditions, and how it is stored.

A range may be between three to eight years, with the shorter end being those who deploy the canopy as often as three times per day from late spring right on into fall, under any and all conditions, while longer end being second-income couples using the canopy as a vendor’s stall at local festivals and fairs.

While the frame can be kept going forever, the tops may be replaced earlier for reasons such as a change in corporate image or logo, a need for a different look for a new promotion, or loss through mishap. The fact that we guarantee our entire canopy for two years, (twice as long as our nearest competitor) is testament to the fact that we believe in our product and will back them better than anyone else!

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