Thank you for your assistance. Please also thank your manager.

Your exceptional customer service is very much appreciated and rare these days.

I will continue to be a loyal customer of Caravan.


Danielle Lee-Ziadie

Troy A. Ziadie


Thanks again for Caravan’s support of our tournament. The Tournament’s purpose is to support wheelchair and youth tennis in the greater La Mirada area. Your canopies were welcomed by all the spectators.  Attached are photos that your company can use.  I hope our Tournament and the city of La Mirada can continue our partnership.

Thanks again,

Dr. Ray Yutani

Co-director, La Mirada Charity Tennis Tournament Member, La Mirada Community Foundation




My name is Jeff Kiggins and recently had the great pleasure of working with Andrew O. on a new Aluma 10′ x 20′ Canopy.

I work in the service industry and recognize when someone really cares about their customer. Andrews attention to detail and over-the-top customer service will have me returning for more of your product. He pushed the canopy through production knowing that we had a deadline for an event, not only did it arrive on time but beat my requirements by a full day. A “high-five” to the entire team to get it out the door so quickly. From order placement to shipping in two days!!

I would appreciate it if you would take the time to recognize his efforts.

The event we attended over weekend saw multiple canopies get thrown into the air when an unexpected windstorm blew through and at least three of them ended up in the trash bin. Not ours, we held on for dear life, nothing is going to part me with this thing. A true quality product. Will invest in some weights in the next few days….

The funny thing was that the guy that lost (2) of his canopies came up and asked me where I got mine and I gave him Andrews contact info in a heartbeat. Hopefully you will see a new order soon.

Again, great product and spectacular customer service – we will be back for more!!!


Omg Steve, we recvd our package and we love this.. you guys really do some great work. Your designers are fantastic and service beginning with you is an awesome experience. The little case it comes with and all the magnetic attachments are AWSOME!

Thank you so much for working with us. The display looks beautiful and extremely professional. I’m so happy we found you/your company. I can’t tell you how thankful we are.. Thanks again in for working with us.

Thank you once again soo very much.


Jacqueline Cordoba

Thanks, for the parts I needed to repair my canopy (The parts were necessary because of my failure to read the instructions properly ). When installing the parts, It took me a little while to figure out the correct configuration, but once I did, it worked great once again. Thanks for your good customer service, sending the correct parts in a timely manner. The absence of a shipping charges were appreciated also.
Thanks again,



I wanted to take a moment to THANK ALEX MUNOZ and write compliments, as I shared with her supervisor by phone.

I needed to order a replacement canopy top–
she provided excellent customer service,
is patient, thorough, professional, friendly, goes the extra mile and more and more and more!

I cannot compliment her enough…
and I want you to know this is totally UNSOLICITED by her…
I asked how to convey the compliment.

Feel free to contact me for any additional info.

We were pleased with our product from you.
But if she is a representative for how you do business–you are doing better than excellent!

Karen Bohrer

Steve, I bought one of your zero gravity reclining chairs from Amazon last year and I like to tell you how happy I am. My mother-in-law Broke her pelvis and is pretty much confined to a chair. Your reclining chair allows her to re-repositioned easily so my wife does not have to hurt her back.

The zero gravity aspect helps distribute the weight so that there is no single point of pressure thereby reducing pressure.  I think you should sell this as a medical product! see attached.  thank you for a great quality product!!



Dave Loeb

Thank you for such a quick response and resolution to the damage. Your excellent customer service has impressed me very much, and when I’m in the market to buy my own tent, I’ll be shopping Caravan products!


Morgan Harris

I finally got all the pop ups set up and ready for action! They are beautiful!

Thank you so much for all of the extra effort you put into this order for us.

We appreciate you.

Thank you so much for everything!

Heather Courneya

Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for your help this morning.

I really appreciate your assistance with the more complicated truss bar size difference from that earlier order.  You guys have always been outstanding when it comes to customer service and I just want to say how much I both recognize the great job you personally have done with me today, and the rest of the company’s mandate to provide strong sales and support for your products.

I will certainly hope to find you again when we need to add to or replace or repair any of our Caravan products.

Have a great rest of your day!


Dear Management,

I want to let you know that Alejandra Munoz of your Parts Department provided excellent customer service to me regarding the replacement of a damaged canopy pole

We weren’t able to obtain an exact match for my damaged, older model peak brace pole, but Alejandra worked hard to find the best option

She never dropped the ball and maintained timely contact with me by email and phone.

It was a pleasure dealing with her, and I would assess her as a valuable employee for your company.

I think you are lucky to have her there at Caravan Global.

Hi Andrew –

We received the canopy and love it! Thank you so much for all your help over the past few weeks.

Can you please send me the invoice for the product for my records?

Thank you and take care.

Dana Abel

Hello Blas,

Just a note to say thanks for the excellent work on the new canopies for the Elliott Bay Pipe Band. We had the canopies out in public for the first time last Sunday. All the band members commented on how good the canopies look.

Best regards,

Clyde Jenkins
Vice President, Elliott Bay Pipe Band

Hi Andrew,

I got my top back several days ago and wanted to compliment you for your excellent customer service. I’ve re-installed the banner and it looks great. Your personal outreach to me to provide outstanding customer service to resolve a minor problem has made me a loyal customer.

Thank you for your efforts to provide a superior level of customer service in the warranty transaction.

Concerning the carry bags, does your custom shop have the means to make/modify a carry bag to my specifications? Those upgraded features would be:
• A two-way, heavier grade zipper with large teeth, that runs the long axis of the bag down to the wheeled base and then turns to finish opening the bottom of the bag. On the bag, it would look like a long “L”. I struggle to get the carrier to slide onto the collapsed canopy at present. A 3/4 length zipper would significantly assist in putting the canopy back into the bag.
• Full wrap around carry handles
• Orient the external lifting handles to be on the same lifting axis as the wheels instead of 90 degrees off to one side as is present. When I wheel the carry bag into position, I must turn the bag 90 degrees to use the lift handles.
• Add a shorter, external pouch to carry the pegs and smaller accessories. The long pouch is too deep for practical use of small items.
When I get ready to purchase another canopy, I will likely be getting custom graphics and, if possible, a carry bag that has the above features.

Thanks again for your great service.


Riley Schrader

I purchased the 12’7″ x 12’7″ green canopy, set up & love it! however it only came with four stakes. each leg has two holes so 8 stakes are needed for proper setup. after contacting customer service of missing parts, I was notified that the additional stakes would be sent at no charge. not only did I receive the additional Stakes necessary but also received the tie-downs at no additional charge. this is a great help since we have tremendous high winds at this altitude. thank you so much for the excellent customer service !


I pleased to say we just bough two sportcraft canopies today and put them right up! We’ve used two other brands and I must say we like yours best in terms of design, quality and features.
We were instructed to register the purchase, but I couldn’t find the place on your website to do this.
Please send me a link so we can complete the registration process.


Chris Gomberg

I greatly recommend Caravan Canopy to everyone.

I contacted the company for a problem with the zipper in the bag.  Jeniffer got right back to me and handled the situation outstanding. She was courteous, professional and very helpful. The Company replaced the bag under warranty and everything was done within 10 days. I truly can’t express enough how pleased I was with amazing customer service. We will definitely continue shopping with this company and recommend you strongly to everyone.

Thank you Caravan Canopy and most of all thank you Jeniffer for your amazing customer care.

Warmest Regards,


Hey Blas

I just wanted to let you know that the tent arrived and it looks great!!!

I love the back walls – I don’t know if you changed your printing process or if it’s because it’s just on a white background but the old back walls since they were all black were cracked and peeling from the constant folding and unfolding. I don’t think we’ll have that issue with these ones!

Also I know it’s a small thing but I LOVE the new bags. Since I’m usually the only person at our events trying to left that thing while aiming for the bottom of the bag and avoiding the zipper sides wasn’t always the easiest. This bottom only opening is magical!

Thank so much for all your help! Sorry the pictures aren’t very glamorous – it’s over 90 degrees here so I just set it up in the parking lot 🙂

Craig Vinson
Operations Directo

2016-06-24 10.38.37

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU, the repair part shipment arrived yesterday afternoon and

I had it installed before supper time!  Can’t say enough about the great service you have provided in

support of your product.

Thanks again, to all your team,

Dick Stearns


I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you for helping with the frame replacements. My experience with you and your company has been excellent and 100% positive. We will always look to your company first for any of our pop-up tent purchases/needs and look forward to working with you again in the future. Again, I just want to say thank you for your time, patience, and helpfulness in resolving our issue.


Josh Monk
Party/Event Director