My name is Jeff Kiggins and recently had the great pleasure of working with Andrew O. on a new Aluma 10′ x 20′ Canopy.

I work in the service industry and recognize when someone really cares about their customer. Andrews attention to detail and over-the-top customer service will have me returning for more of your product. He pushed the canopy through production knowing that we had a deadline for an event, not only did it arrive on time but beat my requirements by a full day. A “high-five” to the entire team to get it out the door so quickly. From order placement to shipping in two days!!

I would appreciate it if you would take the time to recognize his efforts.

The event we attended over weekend saw multiple canopies get thrown into the air when an unexpected windstorm blew through and at least three of them ended up in the trash bin. Not ours, we held on for dear life, nothing is going to part me with this thing. A true quality product. Will invest in some weights in the next few days….

The funny thing was that the guy that lost (2) of his canopies came up and asked me where I got mine and I gave him Andrews contact info in a heartbeat. Hopefully you will see a new order soon.

Again, great product and spectacular customer service – we will be back for more!!!