Hi Andrew,

I got my top back several days ago and wanted to compliment you for your excellent customer service. I’ve re-installed the banner and it looks great. Your personal outreach to me to provide outstanding customer service to resolve a minor problem has made me a loyal customer.

Thank you for your efforts to provide a superior level of customer service in the warranty transaction.

Concerning the carry bags, does your custom shop have the means to make/modify a carry bag to my specifications? Those upgraded features would be:
• A two-way, heavier grade zipper with large teeth, that runs the long axis of the bag down to the wheeled base and then turns to finish opening the bottom of the bag. On the bag, it would look like a long “L”. I struggle to get the carrier to slide onto the collapsed canopy at present. A 3/4 length zipper would significantly assist in putting the canopy back into the bag.
• Full wrap around carry handles
• Orient the external lifting handles to be on the same lifting axis as the wheels instead of 90 degrees off to one side as is present. When I wheel the carry bag into position, I must turn the bag 90 degrees to use the lift handles.
• Add a shorter, external pouch to carry the pegs and smaller accessories. The long pouch is too deep for practical use of small items.
When I get ready to purchase another canopy, I will likely be getting custom graphics and, if possible, a carry bag that has the above features.

Thanks again for your great service.


Riley Schrader