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Hey Blas

I just wanted to let you know that the tent arrived and it looks great!!!

I love the back walls – I don’t know if you changed your printing process or if it’s because it’s just on a white background but the old back walls since they were all black were cracked and peeling from the constant folding and unfolding. I don’t think we’ll have that issue with these ones!

Also I know it’s a small thing but I LOVE the new bags. Since I’m usually the only person at our events trying to left that thing while aiming for the bottom of the bag and avoiding the zipper sides wasn’t always the easiest. This bottom only opening is magical!

Thank so much for all your help! Sorry the pictures aren’t very glamorous – it’s over 90 degrees here so I just set it up in the parking lot 🙂

Craig Vinson
Operations Directo

2016-06-24 10.38.37