Caravan Canopy uses 500 denier, fire resistant fabrics on all custom canopy products. With 22 stock fabric color options and unlimited dye-sub-printed options, we can produce a canopy, banner, or flag that matches perfectly to any logo or graphic!

PANTONE COLOR MATCHING SYSTEM: Caravan Canopy uses the Pantone Matching System Color Guide for screen printing inks and dye-sublimation dyes. When printing your Corporate Identity, school colors and/or other artwork, our art department will first match your colors to the PMS Color Guide as closely as possible.

HOWEVER, COLOR MATCHING IS NOT AUTOMATIC! If you have a specific color in mind or want your canopy fabric to match your logo, please provide your specific Pantone PMS number you want us to print. That way, there is consistency among your identity and desired color.

Standard Grade Fabric: 500 Denier

Professional Grade Fabric: 500 Denier

Standard Grade Fabric: 250 Denier

Professional Grade Fabric: 1000 Denier