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Buying The Right Canopy & Maintenance Tips: Part 1

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Displayshade Canopy KitI spend a lot of time online reading about the experiences from people who buy and use Caravan Canopies. Okay… from people who use all brands of canopy. I wouldn’t say it is a favorite past time of mine but it certainly is insightful; an education of sorts. It helps me see where we need to address production issues and where we need to add product features.

For the most part, I close my browser feeling pretty satisfied about my findings when comparing reviews of Caravan Canopies to those of other brands. Granted, there are the cases where people are unhappy with our product too. But that’s because it’s nearly impossible, after all, to manufacture an infallible product. For that, I am grateful we have a superb team in our warranty department.

What I’ve found was that a good majority of the cases where people were dissatisfied with a Caravan canopy was because they didn’t have the right model for their particular use. In other words, they were using a recreational grade canopy for business or they were using a light-duty model for heavy duty usage and the canopies just weren’t up to handling the workload. Then there were the cases where weather conditions played a sinister role in the demise of the shelter. See “Buying The Right Canopy & Maintenance Tips: Part 2” for more on protecting your canopy from the weather.


There are whole websites dedicated to nothing but street/art fair resources where there are in-depth reviews of each and every canopy model known to man. There are sites for the hardcore BBQ pit masters that travel the country for months at a time and really put the frames through their tests. Then there are the consumers who just want a canopy that won’t leave them baking in the sun at a picnic or beach party.

No matter the group; street fair vendor, farmer’s market grocer, artist, BBQ master or your run of the mill consumer, these people are doing their research. These are some of the most educated people I’ve come across online. They don’t just take the word of the companies (like Caravan) that tell you which canopy to buy and use. These people are asking the veteran street fair vendors what works. They’re out in the field “kicking the tires” and getting first-hand knowledge of the product before they shell out their hard-earned money to get one of their own.

For some big businesses this is a very scary notion. I mean, true control of the purchase is now in the hands of the buyer. Gone are the days when you bought what you were told to buy simply because you didn’t know about any other option. For our company, however, this is a great time! “Why” you might ask? Because the more educated our customer, the better the chance they’ll get the right product for their need and the happier they are when they get it home and start using it. It’s important to be as educated as possible when making a purchase; especially one that’s an investment like a custom instant shelter from Caravan Canopy.

So here are some suggestions on which model is the right one for your particular needs followed by some useful information about caring for your canopy for long term use. Don’t just take my word for it though. Ask people who are standing under a canopy with our label. Talk with people who are accustom to doing business with us. I’m confident you’ll hear great things about Caravan Canopy.

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