• This video above will show you how to properly assemble your Caravan Sport Shelter.

  • Caravan® produces high quality products, ranging from plain units for your back yard to a wide variety of custom printed products suitable for high impact branding. These include Skyflags, & banners, removable valance banners, reversible & high visibility tops, not to mention a wide selection of accessories like dust covers, wheeled bags, deluxe bags, weight bags, mesh walls plus more…all designed to compliment and expand the use of your Caravan® Canopy.
  • This website is full of valuable resources and products that you can purchase. However, we would love to walk you through your requirements over the phone. Call now to speak with one of our Canopy Specialists (877)922-6679

  • The total clearance of a Caravan® is the Industry’s best! From the ground to the lowest truss, all of our models have a clearance from a minimum of 5′ 10″ to a maximum of 7’1″

  • Depending on what height you chose to have your Caravan® set up at, all our models range from a minimum of 10’3 to a maximum of 11’6″

  • A Philips screwdriver or allen key is all you need.

  • Your Caravan® Instant Canopy has been made to last, however at some point, your unit may become damaged and in need of repairs.
  • You can either purchase parts directly through this website or call our toll free number (877-922-6679) to talk to one of our Caravan® specialists. We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have and any parts you may need.

  • There are many factors contributing to the length of time a Caravan® Canopy will last. Some of these factors include how often it is used, under what conditions, and how it is stored.
  • A range may be between three to eight years, with the shorter end being those who deploy the canopy as often as three times per day from late spring right on into fall, under any and all conditions, while longer end being second-income couples using the canopy as a vendor’s stall at local festivals and fairs.
  • While the frame can be kept going forever, the tops may be replaced earlier for reasons such as a change in corporate image or logo, a need for a different look for a new promotion, or loss through mishap. The fact that we guarantee our entire canopy for two years, (twice as long as our nearest competitor) is testament to the fact that we believe in our product and will back them better than anyone else!

  • Caravan® Canopy offers a 2 year limited warranty, which protects your canopy under normal usage. Please see our “warranty” section for more details.

  • Yes, they set up quickly, easily and with no tools needed. With our truss design, you can open and close your canopy all by yourself in a matter of minutes. By leaving the top on, there aren’t any loose parts. You’ll love it!

  • Vector artwork is best, so files created in Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Coreldraw and saved as .eps work the best.
  • Here’s how easy it is to order a custom canopy from Caravan® Canopy.
  1. Fill out a quote request (click here)
  2. We’ll send you a quote with your custom pricing as well as a rendering
  3. You sign off on the quote and rendering and send it back to us (This much takes only 1 to 2 days)
  4. We’ll produce your custom canopy. (This part takes only 7 to 10 business day!)

  • When you customize a Caravan® Canopy top, you’ll be open for business in just 5 minutes. Add custom printed SkyFlags or Banners and you’ll have created a valuable but cost-effective marketing tool. From one color to full color, or completely digital, our professional Graphics Department will work with you to create a canopy that will uniquely portray you or your company. You can add to the unique look by choosing a color from our large selection. LEARN MORE

  • Standard Caravan® colors include: royal blue, white, green & red.
  • Custom colors include: black, yellow, orange, gold, turquoise, pink, purple, navy blue, gray, forest green and camouflage. LEARN MORE

  • Caravan® Instant Canopies are manufactured to provide instant protection from the elements. They stand securely on dirt, grass or pavement, but to avoid a sudden wind, it is best that they are staked or weighted down. Though they can withstand the elements, please be reminded that Caravan® Canopies are not meant to be a permanent structure, so they should not be left unattended for lengthy periods of time.

  • By using a mild detergent and a soft brush, you can rinse down your Caravan® Canopy with a garden hose. Just ensure the top is completely dry before you fold and store it. This being said, however, you should avoid scrubbing your canopy top if you have graphics on it.

  • Caravan® tops are made with heavy duty 500 denier reinforced polyester fabric, which is water resistant, fire retardant, & UV treated.
  • Caravan® has two different types of walls available:
  • Commercial grade are made with the same material as our tops, 500 Denier polyester, water resistant, fire retardant and UV treated. There are full walls & half walls, which come in a variety of colors and can have side zippers and middle zippers.
  • Our less expensive choice for budget minded customers are made of a lightweight PolyTaf. These are only available in white and can be purchased separately or specially priced as a set of four.


  • Caravan® Canopy uses the highest quality materials available to produce all of our our products. For more detailed specifications on each of these products, please visit their respective product page.
  • Aluma®: Professional Grade Aluminum – Durable and lightweight for maximum versatility
  • Classic®: Professional Grade Steel – Our heavy-duty, powder coated steel model. (hammertone textured finish)
  • AlumaShade®: Commercial Grade Aluminum – Lightweight aluminum with an anodized finish
  • DisplayShade®: Commercial Grade Steel -Lightweight powder coated steel with a hammertone textured finish

    • 5′ x 5′ (DisplayShade®)
    • 8′ x 8′ (DisplayShade®)
    • 10′ x 10′ (Monster®, Aluma®, Classic®, AlumaShade®, DisplayShade®, Traveler®)
    • 10′ x 15′ (Monster®, Aluma®, Classic®)
    • 10′ x 20′ (Monster®, Aluma®, Classic®)
    • 12’x12′ (Monster®)
    • 14’x14′ (Monster®)
    • 16’x16′ (Monster®)
    • 20’x20′ (Monster®)

  • Heavy-Duty Professional Grade:
    • Aluma® 10’x10′: 48lbs including 500 Denier Top
    • Aluma® 10’x15′: 75lbs including 500 Denier Top
    • Aluma® 10’x20′: 98lbs including 500 Denier Top

    Heavy-Duty Professional Grade:

    • Classic® 10’x10′: 72lbs including 500 Denier Top
    • Classic® 10’x15′: 90lbs including 500 Denier Top
    • Classic® 10’x20′: 123lbs including 500 Denier Top

    Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade:

    • AlumaShade® 10’x10′: 35lbs including 500 Denier Top

    Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade:

    • DisplayShade® 5’x5′: 40lbs including 500 Denier Top
    • DisplayShade® 8’x8′: 51lbs including 500 Denier Top
    • DisplayShade® 10’x10′: 58lbs including 500 Denier Top

    • 5′ x 5′ (DisplayShade®)
    • 8′ x 8′ (DisplayShade®)
    • 10′ x 10′ (Monster, Aluma®, Classic®, AlumaShade®, DisplayShade®, Traveler)
    • 10′ x 15′ (Monster, Aluma®, Classic®)
    • 10′ x 20′ (Monster, Aluma®, Classic®)
    • 12’x12′ (Monster)
    • 14’x14′ (Monster)
    • 16’x16′ (Monster)
    • 20’x20′ (Monster)

    • All Caravan tops are FR rated. This is not necessarily true for many of the other competitors.
    • Powder coated frame components are textured to resist scratching and finished in a bi-color scheme to hide soiling.
    • Caravan® frames are stronger with fewer pieces, adding to ease of use and uncomplicated maintenance.
    • Caravan® pioneered the use of pull pins as a safer alternative to finger pinching push buttons.
    • Our height-adjustable peak pole allows users to tighten up their tops to ensure a perfect fit.
    • Our use of extruded, rather than seam-welded, rolled steel in the truss bars allows for stronger frames that weigh less than conventional designs.
    • All components can be easily replaced with a commonly available Allen key.
    • All canopies are provided with a tie down kit and rings at the canopy corners for securing the canopy in windy conditions.

  • Manufacturing practices at the factory i.e. standardized dimensions on component tubing which allows for simpler inventory and greater economies of scale coupled with our container- load buying practices allow us to offer a better, stronger, lighter canopy that is easier to put up than the competition’s. As with any product, when you compare features, Caravan® Canopies are the best value available.