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Buying The Right Canopy & Maintenance Tips: Part 2

[If you haven’t already, please read “Buying The Right Canopy & Maintenance Tips: Part 1” first.] CANOPY TYPES AND USES Before I begin, I think it’s important to state the word “canopy” in this article refers only to the instant, “pop-up” style shelters. They are the accordion style tents that fold down and can be […]

Buying The Right Canopy & Maintenance Tips: Part 1

I spend a lot of time online reading about the experiences from people who buy and use Caravan Canopies. Okay… from people who use all brands of canopy. I wouldn’t say it is a favorite past time of mine but it certainly is insightful; an education of sorts. It helps me see where we need […]

What other Caravan products do you have?

Caravan produces high quality products, ranging from plain units for your back yard to a wide variety of custom printed products suitable for high impact branding. These include Skyflags, & banners, removable valance banners, reversible & high visibility tops, not to mention a wide selection of accessories like dust covers, wheeled bags, deluxe bags, weight […]